Holly Michigan artist William Brody has been a practicing painter for more than 50 years. Known nationwide for his realistic scenes of small town America, his work is found in many private and public collections. He is a Signature Member of The National Oil And Acrylic Painters Society (NOAPS) and a member of the International Guild Of Realistic Painters (IGOR).Feel free to browse through the different areas of this site and return often for updated events and painting






all work is copyrighted by William Brody 2017

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Included throughout this web site are the many paintings of William Brody. Now living in Holly Michigan, William Explores the many scenes throughout rural Southeast Michigan. In addition his paintings take in much of the Midwest and beyond. He likes to go with his wife Kathy on exploring trips. They pick a direction and just drive. Many of the paintings of the south and east have materialized from such trips. Looking for the "just right" light and shadow or the building that may not be long for this world.  He hopes to find that universal scene that others can relate to in their own personal way.

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Trying to do the Blog thing

Blog here.Not sure at this point what I want to write about. I do however hope to reach out to more people with my art work. As an artist you spend a lot of alone time. In my case I paint late at night and early into the morning when most people are asleep so I'm even more alone.

For the last several years I've taken to listening to audio books while I paint. I use to listen to music while painting and it helped me find the emotional feel to what I was working on. Where that can be a problem is when I would listen to an album there could be a big change between songs and it could affect how I saw my painting developing. With audio books I'm dealing with a developing story that helps keep me focus on my developing painting. Not every story is going to match what I'm painting. ie. a sci-fi story may not have anything to do with a barn painting . However they are (painting and story) developing at the same time. Like to kids growing up in the same neighborhood, they will both be different in the end but will have a shared experience of growing up at the same time. It's a bit funny when I look at some paintings and get these flashes of stories but nothing I can put a finger on. I forget what story I was listening too at the time but somehow it's now part of the painting. Added to that the subjects and scenes I do paint are things I'm drawn to that have memories from my past. When a painting is done it then has a life of it's own made up of stories and life experinces, just like us.